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Hart of Green » Swimming with Dolphins in the Wild

Swimming with Dolphins in the Wild

ric-o-barryDolphins! Have you spoken to anyone who swims with them in the wild frequently? On Smart Green Travel, you’ll hear Lisa Alpine share spectacular play by play details of water dancing with the dolphins and what she describes as dolphin daycare,  in Hawaii, where pods of dolphin parents drop their baby dolphin kids off near shore, while they go out to grab lunch and dinner. Plus, a beautiful interactive story of what happens when hundreds of dolphins arrive in front of you, with their kids in tow, and what ensues from there.

Meanwhile, there’s nothing cute about this.  It’s hard to believe any country would still allow dolphin hunting.  At the Cove in Taiji, the dolphin killing continues. Although the killing of bottlenose dolphins -  slaughtered for meat by the Taiji fishermen starts September 1st in Japan, the fight for the protection of all marine mammals goes on. Sign the petition with as Smart Green Travel joins Ric O’ Barry’s heroic efforts to expose the plight of dolphins worldwide  and save these innocent precious creatures.

Green Aquariums

Where can you climb through the layers of the rain forest and descend into a 100,000 gallon “Flooded Forest” tank, where freshwater fish cruise overhead? Where can you see a 2 ½ acre Living Roof, an expansive solar canopy, an extensive water reclamation system, and walls insulated with recycled blue jeans? Only in San Francisco!

Smart Green Travel takes you to the Greenest Aquariums in the country, including San Francisco’s Steinhart Aquarium, the largest green public platinum-rated building in the world, for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

Special Highlight! “Penguins and Pajamas”. Overnight sleep overs this fall and winter, at the Aquarium.

Then, down to L.A. and the “Aquarium of the Pacific” in Los Angeles ,where guests hop onto big boats to go whale watching.  And, the “Tennessee Aquarium”, celebrating green consciousness and connectedness to mammals and animals, saving extinct endangered species, including the “Redneck Turtle”. no pun intended

Part 1  run time 26 minutes

Smart Green Travel with Jerry Hart



Part 2  run time 26 minutes

Smart Green Travel with Jerry Hart




Steinhart Aquarium
Manager of Sustainability Programs
Aaron Pope

Lisa Alpine
Swims with Dolphins in the Wild 

Aquarium of the Pacific
VP of Special Projects
Barbara Long

Tennesse Aquarium
Tom Benson
Our mission is to raise awareness of environmental issues, and offer eco-friendly (and stylish!) solutions where possible. If we don’t carry it, we will gladly do our best to find someone who does.

Green In-Between Sponsors


Nubius Organics
Our mission is to raise awareness of environmental issues, and offer eco-friendly (and stylish!) solutions where possible. If we don’t carry it, we will gladly do our best to find someone who does.

Apollo Olive Oil
Our oils are among the few in California that are certified both organic and extra virgin. They are raw, unadulterated, and 100% cold-pressed on the only mill in America designed to preserve the highest levels of flavor, nutrients, and anti-oxidants.

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