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Hart of Green » Big solar panel sitting on a long steel rod by Jerry Hart

Big solar panel sitting on a long steel rod by Jerry Hart

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  • Most powerful guy in Iran is tweeting everyday. Wow! If he’s turned on to tweet, maybe we should be too?
  • A Diesel Volkswagen is much more green than a Prius. I have proof.
  • Write about a big solar panel sitting on a long steel rod in my backyard. Yeah. why not?

(Wait!…you either don’t care that the head of Iran is Tweeting or you don’t believe me….here’s the story if you need proof)

Now, on with this brief solar saga.  Have you ever looked at something and that double take pinches a nerve in your neck?

I was driving down my street behind my house and there was this enormously tall metallic rod that projects 30 feet high with a solar plate sitting on top.


To give you some context, I do not consider Concord, CA. to be green. Sure, the lovely Concordians recycle like green Californians do, but I’m sorry, this is no Seattle. The Emerald City is an icon of recycling. I remember when I was in Seattle in 1989 and recycling was in full force with righteous residents joyfully being green. Back then, I was really blown away by how eco-adamant most people were up there back in the day. Sort of like when you tell your parent, “now I know why that was so important to you back in the day, Mom”.

So, back to Concord. I called the city here and they told me they are going to place these rods with panels in the dividers across the city to power the irrigation sprinkler system that will feed the muffler exhaust blown flowers beneath it.

Is this cool or what? I am very proud of Concord for having the brass and swagger to stick a big ol’ grey metallic 30 foot pole in the center divide of a thoroughfare all to go green.

Just wait until this goes mass appeal and we can run down to K-Mart and pick up for $129, our very own panel to power the sprinklers in our front yards. Won’t it look pretty next to that gorgeous Dish stapled to the wall of your house? …………………………………NOT!


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  1. i could only wish that solar panels cost only several hundred dollars, i would love to fill my roof with solar panels ;*.

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    Reese Witherspoon have the most beautiful eyes among american actresses, i just can’t get enough of her beautiful eyes -~`

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